on-call service phone system winnipegOur on-call service phone system allows you to connect to your customers without a third party answering service.

Features include:

  • Secure Web Interface
  • Multiple levels of Responders
  • Ability to set up or change Responders in minutes
  • Call Recording
  • Call Logging



Our on-call service phone system also eliminates the issue of cell phones being out of service or off and provides a comfortable experience for both the Caller and Responder.

Most companies that offer “after hours” support, no longer have staff in the office sitting by the phone. Support is often provided by on-call staff using mobile phones, or by a third party service.  Unfortunately these systems have shortcomings such as calls going to voicemail, calls not being answered, and in the case of a third party service, a representative who does not understand your products or clients.

Our on-call service connects your customers to you as quickly as possible and allows you to be in control of how calls are handled.  Our reporting and recording features give you peace of mind and a powerful tool to review just how your calls are handled.

Web Interface Demo