mobile office system winnipegOur mobile office system allows you to stay connected to your business whether you are working from home, traveling, or visiting clients on-site.  Working outside of the office has become a growing trend in the past few years, with many companies having staff who travel, or work from separate locations.

  • Off-site transfer
    • This feature allows the office to transfer calls outside the office to any number including cellular
    • The attended transfer feature allows the person transferring the call to first talk to you, then if you are able to take the call it can be transferred, or sent to voicemail.
  • Enhanced call forward
    • Have calls to your extension ring your office and cellular phone at the same time, or first ring the office phone and then try your cell.
    • With options such as call forward, call forward no answer, and call forward simultaneous we offer great flexibility in how you can handle incoming calls.
    • Forwarding can include up to 2 separate outside numbers.
  • Virtual extension
    • For those who operate almost completely off their cellular why not use our virtual extension. Customers can reach your cell using your extension (important if you have an auto-attendant) and co-workers can reach you by extension.
  • Cellular Access number
    • One issue we have seen with cellular use is that once clients get your cell number they tend to use it, and not call the office. With our cellular access system, calls made through the system show your companies’ caller ID, not your cellular number.  This way you have a single contact number that all your clients see.
    • If you make overseas calls, cellular rates can be high, using the access number also allows you to use your company’s overseas rates instead of the cellular providers.
  • Voicemail to email
    • Our system can send your voicemails received to one or more email addresses. This is great when traveling overseas (or anytime really) as it allows you to listen to voicemail anywhere you have internet access, and organize and archive your voicemails along with your emails.
  • Fax to email
    • Fax use has declined over the years, but there are still times when you need to send or receive a fax and are travelling. Our fax to email system allows you to receive faxes directly to your email (as an attached PDF) or even send faxes from your email client.  All without needing to even see a fax machine.


For more information on any of these features please browse to our contact us page and fill out the handy form, or call us at 1-866-954-9009.